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Healing 10% At a Time

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I got a boot for my ruptured Achilles healing process today! Part of healing is getting my foot back to a flat 90° angle over the course of 4 weeks. I’m currently angled at 130° and will adjust the boot 10° every week until I reach “normal” and can once again stand on my leg. Then the process of learning walk begins. It’s a long haul.

Healing is always a process, but physical healing is easier measure. Emotional and spiritual healing is an area I’ve been traversing vocationally for 20 years and I’ve found that many people often don’t have the patience for healing by 10° degree increments. They want a quick fix. A book. A class. A message. A counseling session. That’s not how healing from major wounds works.

Many emotional and spiritual injuries or wound often require a metaphorical surgical repair not an emotional bandaid.

A marriage that’s been flailing for years needs surgery, then recovery, then rehab.

An long standing addiction often requires surgery, then recovery, then rehab.

A betrayal by a spouse or close friend…

The death of a loved one…

Total financial ruin or vocational implosion…

The list goes on.

These types of wounds often need an intial procedure followed by incremental adjustment, then strength rebuilding to provide lasting change. There is no quick fix for the dark situations life throws your way. You might need surgery. Then 10° adjustments at a time. Then rehab to rebuild your strength.




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