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One Week. One Bath. The Results.

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I am one week post surgery.

I am was, until today, one week post bathing.

Have you ever gone a week without bathing? Sound gross right? It is. I washed my face everyday, but the bathing process proved to be a bit much… so I didn’t. I used baby wipes to try and sanitize myself, but smelling like clean baby butt is a terrible alternative to bathing.

First thing noticed is the hair grease followed by itchy scalp. Then the wafting fragrance of man. The only saving grace is that my splint is at the other end of my 6’6 frame which protects me from the wrath of stinky foot. No matter how much I changed clothes, the power of the funk could only be held back so long. The baby wipes could only clean so much. I needed a full scrub and rinse.

Connecting with God is like bathing. Necessary daily. Spiritual wipes don’t help much. We all need a scrub down of denying ourself and turning to Jesus everyday.




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