Politics Against Humanity

Have we gone mad?

This year my nation will likely vote Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to the highest office of our country. Which “side” you’re on doesn’t matter to me at this juncture. What does matter is the absolutely horrid action of supporters.

When did we as a people decide that assaulting others is the answer to our political climate? When did we, as a people, lose our decency to the point where we pepper spray children because they were born into a family with different political perspectives? When did assaulting a handicapped person become acceptable on any street in our country?

Perhaps Elon Musk was right when he said we are likely characters “living inside a more advanced civilization’s video game.” If that’s the case, I’m guessing we’re caught up in the final stages of an alternate universe playing their version of Grand Theft Auto during a boss sequence [Warning: Video Contains Graphic Content].

It’s sickening.

People can blame Trump or Hillary all they want. People can claim they are fighting for what is right, but this behavior is not the right way to go about it. What’s your issue? Race? LGBT equality? Abortion? Debt? Some other platform? Does punching someone in the face convince them your position on equality is right? Does pepper spraying children push through the latest piece of legislation? Does shoving an old man to the ground inspire people to be less violent toward others of a different race? Does any of this make sense?

We as a people must stand up for good. Together we must take responsibility for where our country is headed because together we will fall if this continues. There will be no need for war or economic takeover. Our internal hatred and atrocious actions have already begun eating this nation like a cancer. Just as every person with cancer knows, if no action is taken the cancer will destroy the body.

Trump wants us to “Make America Great Again.

Hillary wants us to “Do The Most Good.

We have the opportunity do both. It begins by standing up for our position with dignity and love for others. We must begin holding those within “our tribe” to a standard of humanity that doesn’t wreak of pride, exclusion, and hatred. This includes the vitriolic backdoor conversations where people belittle the “other side” in private conversation. This includes aggressive social media posts that caricature the opposing supporters as some type of ghoulish baby killing or race hating monsters. It’s time we stand together and condemn the actions of those who are tearing our country apart with violence on the streets. It’s time Trump supporters stand against violent Trump supporters and Hillary supporters stand against violent Hillary supports. It’s time we do the most good and make America great again.





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