Where’s The Line?

Where is the line? When is something sin?
How far can I go can I go – before God won’t let me in?
I’m a preacher of God’s forgiveness – Grace and Mercy etched right here
Jesus died to pay my debt and rose to put away my fears.

See, I preach good news that God saves sinners like you and me
But religious people crave their rules like little worker bees
The question, I get it, where’s the line? It makes some sense
But the people who are asking, often reek of religious stench

It’s not their fault they smell of death, this one’s on preachers and priests
For far too long we used shame and fear to breed religious beasts
We say, You better do this, ought not do that, be a good person if you want in
Give a bunch of money, act real nice, pretend you do more good than sin

There’s the problem, sin is deep, it came to steal, destroy, and kill
The question, where’s the line? It never affects the will.
The truth is, we’re lost, we can’t be good enough on our own
Our best good deeds, apart from Christ, still flow from hearts of stone

We needed rescue, we needed someone to cross the holy trench
God sent his son to bring us life and remove that religious stench
Grace, It’s a gift, It cost Jesus his perfect life
He didn’t die so we could live under the burden of religious strife

He came and died to set us free, to break religious chains
Freed from shame, freed from guilt, freed from playing churchy games
Stop, I can hear you say it, ‘Pastor, I’ve read the rules right in this book”
Yes God wrote down 100’s but you need to take a closer look

The rules, the law, those lines for life, they are a guide to keep us safe
But check Galatians 3, that line was drawn to point toward faith
Faith that all we need is Jesus, to step into the gap
To take our sin upon his cross, and place us in God’s lap

Only then, when we are gripped by God and he is our great treasure
Will we step into the ocean of his eternal pleasure
Only then, when loving Jesus, will we have the power to obey
Only then will questions like, where’s the line? Will finally go away

No longer will the grid “what’s good What’s bad?” consume our thoughts
Our life will fly under the banner, You are mine, you have been bought
The good we do will be for him, to make much of Jesus name
The bad is our reminder that he paid for all our shame


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