A Dried Up Pastor

We recently ran out of drinking water at my house. We still had our L.A. tap water which is very drinkable by global standards despite the mystery floaties. Still, the metallic taste of the tap sent me foraging the fridge and wine rack for some form of liquid that wasn’t reminiscent of chewing on foil. Have you ever tried to quench thirst with Fresca, wine, and squeezing a single orange into a glass? Side note: I wasn’t making Sangria in my stomach on purpose, it just ended up that way. It was not satisfying at all.

I was thirsty.

This morning I discovered that my soul was shriveling from thirst and I didn’t even know it. A close friend called me and reminded me of God’s love for me. After a few minutes of being reminded of glorious truths about Jesus she said something that rang in my head for the next 4 hours.

I bet no one ever tells pastors that God loves you. I just felt like I was supposed to call you and tell you that He’s in control. He has a better plan, even if it means going through struggles… – A Friend

She was right. Rarely do people tell me about God’s love for me. Rarely do people remind me about the good news of Jesus. I’m a pastor after all. My life is spent sharing the gospel with others and speaking the good news into their lives. I know God loves me. I read the Bible everyday. I love my prayer relationship with God. I listen to dozens of sermons per week. Yet, for all of this, there is something uniquely powerful about hearing the good news heralded over my life by a person who is genuinely caring for me in that moment.

As my friend spoke this morning, a spring of refreshing grace washed over my soul and welled up within me. I was satisfied by God’s love for me in Jesus. I needed the gospel, and God knew it. I need the gospel everyday, just like everyone on earth. I had already read my Bible, prayed, and was 20 minutes into a great sermon, but God knew I needed a friend to speak the gospel into my life. I had been trying to quench my spiritual thirst with the equivalent of soda, wine, and dribbles of juice all morning, but God knew I needed living water.

I would love to open a dialogue on how to speak the gospel of Jesus to ourselves and one another.

Do you 1 hour to be challenged, blessed, and equipped? Check out the video below. Watch it by yourself. Watch it with a group. Pass it along to a friend. Start learning gospel fluency today.





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