The Bible Music Experiment

Each New Year’s I pick a new music album to accompany my Bible reading for the upcoming year. Imagine reading David and Goliath when the tense music of Lord of The Rings playing in the background. Or reading the story of the resurrection with the hollow flutes from The Last Samurai. Or my favorite, reading the final chapters of Revelation to final song of the Gladiator soundtrack. Music can make or break a movie, that’s why I try to pair songs with Bible reading.

However, I’m changing things up this year. I am going to read Genesis and the gospel of John every month of 2015, but instead of using one soundtrack for the entire year, I have asked my personal music guru to give me an album for each month. The caveat: I can’t use a previous music album for Bible reading and the music has to be mostly lyric free.

I start Tomorrow with 2 chapters of Genesis and 1 chapter of John each day. This leaves space for rest and reflection days (aka catch up days).

Reading: Genesis 1-2 and John 1.
Listening: I Am Love by John Adams

For next month I’m thinking either Meet Joe Black or Amelie

Just how much can music change the feel of something?


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