Theology With Kids // Sinful Flesh

On the way home from a recent church gathering I heard a smacking sound in the back seat. I thought my boys were at it again, but I adjusted my rearview mirror to see my 5yr old hitting himself in the forehead.

“Buddy, what are you doing? Stop, don’t hit yourself.”

“ughh daddy, I felt my body trying to make me not love God. So I hit it.”

48 Hours Earlier

I’m talking with Jackson(5) about my upcoming sermon in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. The passage is packed full of 19 nasty attitudes and actions that will be common in people during the Last Days. Now, we’ve talked about sin before. Jackson is a “why” kid, which I love. He’s always digging deeper and wanting to know how certain things work.

“Daddy, how is sin in me?”

“Well J, sin is a broken part of our life that we are born with. Remember Adam and Eve? When they sinned the whole world got messed up, and now all people are trapped in sin. Sin messes up our heart so that we love things other than God. It makes life painful. Sin is what leads to death.”

“But Daddy, where does sin live? I can’t see it.”

“Sin isn’t a thing you can see. It’s in people when they’re born. The Bible calls sin our flesh, kind of like our body. It’s tangled up in all parts of us, but when we die in this body, our sin is finally gone forever.”

“Can I punch my sin?”

“Nope, you can’t hurt your sin by yourself. That’s why we trust Jesus. Jesus was beat up and killed for your sin. Do you believe that?”

“Oh, now I get it. I believe.”

2 Days later

“uhh dad, I felt my body trying to make me not love God. So I hit it.”

Kids are prone to forget the gospel just like grown ups. We must remind each other of the good news so that we don’t beat ourselves up for something that Jesus was already beat up for.


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